What is Weldon?

Weldon is a platform that provides families of all kinds direct access to parenting solutions and support.

Weldon offers scientific, research-based solutions tailored to the needs of individual parents, children, and their unique family circumstances. Our focus is on child development and behavioral challenges. 

Who are the Weldon Pros?

Our community consists of highly experienced child development professionals - school psychologists, behaviorists, counselors and educators, all here to help you before, during, and after your most challenging parenting moments. 

All our professionals are licensed in their fields and have their Master's or Doctorate degree in their field and are certified and trained in our best practices. 

We have an extensive interviewing and background certification process, and do an ongoing assessment of provider performance (including customer feedback on every engagement). Our team members are selected not only for their experience and knowledge, but also for their demonstrated ability to be both compassionate and professional.

How does Weldon compare to what I currently do?

Accessing licensed professionals with years of relevant experience can be timely, difficult, and inconvenient in the traditional world. Weldon removes all of that friction to make the connection and help as easy as possible. 

Why can’t I just go online for answers?

We believe each child is special and each parent deserves personalized counsel. Parents have told us, ad nauseum, that while the internet, social media and all the available information out there can be powerful, it can also be intimidating and paralyzing. We’re all one click away from contradictory advice, from advertisements with an agenda, and worst of all, from judgement or an echo chamber. We all want to be better parent and most of us seek professional advice in every capacity of our lives but when it comes to parenting, many of us don’t know where to go to; we want take all that anxiety away by being there for you. 

How is my Weldon parenting professional chosen?

When you sign up, we match you with a Weldon parenting professional based on your unique needs, circumstances, or requirements. In addition, every Weldon parenting professional is backed by a team -- assembled to best serve your needs. We believe a team approach leads to the best outcomes, and we've modeled our approach to match best practices at the world's leading healthcare providers.  

You always have a team of parenting professional, one key point of contact/professional, and you can always change your key point of contact if you so desire.

Is Weldon right for me?

If you are looking for personalized support, advice, and coaching to help you with your parenting challenges, we're the perfect place to get help. Many of our professionals are specialists for a wide range of childhood challenges: tantrums, routines, trouble with transitions, acting out, bullying, moods, overall anxiety, separation anxiety, sleep, following directions, and more.

Is Weldon the same as in-person therapy or counseling?

While many of our providers are licensed therapists, Weldon provides counsel, advice, consultation, and coaching to support parents. 

Weldon does not provide therapy, and does not make diagnoses or solve underlying psychological problems. 

Weldon is focused on helping parents manage and cope, and provides insight on parenting choices, based on your unique needs, and proven data and research.

How long does it take to be matched with a Weldon parenting professional?

After signing up for your free initial session, you will be matched with a Weldon parenting professional within 48 hours.

How will I communicate with my Weldon parenting professional and team?

At Weldon, engagement always starts with a phone consultation. Follow ups are planned with your team and can include the following:

Speaking over the phone with your Weldon parenting professional or a team member

Video conferencing with your Weldon parenting professional or a team member

Exchanging text messages with your Weldon parenting professional or a team member

Live Chat with your Weldon parenting professional or a team member

Is there a record of my conversations and the input Weldon provides?

As a Weldon member, you will eventually have continuous access to a profile page and dashboard. This page will have complete notes and additional resource links, based on your conversations with your counselor and team, so that you can re-call and use the previous sessions information whenever needed. This will be a key benefit of using Weldon on an ongoing basis. 

This feature is currently in development. 

Can I be reimbursed by my insurance?

While each health insurance policy and provider is different, Weldon does not currently offer medical or therapy services, and is not likely to be covered by your insurance.

What role does Weldon play in delivering the help I need?

While our community of professionals are not Weldon employees, we recognize that alongside our parents, they are the heart and soul of the company. 

Weldon is committed to delivering satisfaction, quality and consistency. Our role is to meet the highest standards possible and establish convenience, simplicity, fairness and most importantly, trust. We know this won't happen overnight, but we're working with you, day by day, to get there over time.

Who is Weldon not for?

While we would love to work with as many parents as possible, we also acknowledge that Weldon is not a solution for every problem. If any of the following statements are true, Weldon is not the correct service for you, and please see our resources at the bottom of the page to get help.

If you are looking for your child to be diagnosed or assessed

If you are currently in crisis or in an emergency situation

If you have thoughts that you want to hurt yourself or others

If you are being abused or have concerns about child abuse

If your child has a medical condition and you need medical treatment or advice.

If you or your child has been diagnosed with a severe mental illness, or require psychological supervision or psychiatric care

If you have a court order (or any other authority) has required you to undergo therapy, counseling or parent training.

If you do not have a device that can connect to the Internet or you do not have a reliable Internet connection